Eight years creating unforgettable team-building experiences. Everything is possible working together.

Team-Building activities

Batucada Team-Building

team-building batucada

Percussion allows us to demonstrate that being out of our comfort zone we are able to achieve unbelievable results working as a team.More info...

HAKA Team-Building

We use the power of HAKA performed by the New Zealand Rugby Team, the All Blacks, to empower teams.More info…

Circus of the Sun Team-Building

circo-del-sol team building madrid

Dance, percussion and Circus combined into a multidisciplinary Show inspired by Circus of the Sun.More info…

Why Drum Team-Building?

The power of attitude

Our teamwork activities are based on the participants’ involvement. The way we implicate ourselves in the activity will determine the final result. We do not talk about this theory, we experiment it together.

Innovative Team-Building activities

We have created unique activities along these years taking care of every detail. We will never resign ourselves with what already works in the group dynamics, our team accepts daily involvement through dedication and self-betterment in an attempt to always move one step further ahead.


We are aware of how important the director of successful activities is. Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced people. A speaker who leads the activity and professional teachers who help the participants to have an unforgettable day.

Certified experience

We have more than 200 Team-Building activities behind us. Our customers are the ones who say better things about us.

Competitive Prices

We offer the best quality, price and service. Please contact us and we will send you a free quote.


The workshops are mainly provided in English and Spanish. Let us know if you would need the workshop in another language and we will manage to provide the best solution.

Our vision


At the beginning of our Team Building activities we raise the following question:

Which are the factors that determine successful teams? We answer this question in each group dynamics from the practice. Not only we talk about teamwork, but we experiment the power of the group in action.

In all of our activities we wish to demonstrate the importance of the attitude and the personal contribution. Our aim is that everyone does their best in benefit of the team. In spite of being a large group of people, every contribution counts and will determine the final result.


Our intention is that the groups step out of their comfort zone and do different things from their daily routine. Only from that point we can innovate. From that new place, we trigger creativity. We guarantee that the result obtained working as a team, have nothing to do with what we would have achieved working individually. It is very interesting indeed to see how the participants go from “I am not able to do this” at the beginning of the workshop, to the enjoyment at the end thanks to the nice environment that was created along the journey.

All of our Team Building group dynamics are related to arts and culture. Music (percussion), circus and dance. This three specialties push people out of their comfort zone. When they manage to overcome the first mental barrier to change, they are able to have fun, relax and release stress.

Where to find us?


We are a Spain based company, but our Team- Building activities have been carried out around the world. We move wherever the event takes place bringing the materials needed with us. The only thing we need is an unobstructed space, we will do the rest!

Customer testimonials

It has been a different an enriching experience. We have spent an extraordinary afternoon and all coworkers that have already participate in team building activities agree that the batucada has been the best one we have ever done. Gastón and Aitana have known how to transmit their enthusiasm and “flow” as well as the importance of teamwork.

It is a de-stress activity, extremely amusing. It makes you feel that music is an international language and even without any musical knowledge you are capable of playing an instrument!

Highly recommended activity, we hope to repeat soon!

Marian FontCommunication Technician Norauto Spainmanually,http://

Excelente Participacion Gestor y Liderazgo de la actividad de Gastón Tumbatá Percusión!!!! Un Maestro de la Musica que junto con su equipo ha podido llevar a cabo una de las mejores acciones de motivacion a Directores  Franquiciados y lideres de una Cia!!! FELICITACIONES GASTON!!! GRACIAS por la GRAN PROPUESTA y Hasta Pronto!!!

Gabriela IacobinoDirectora de RRHH de DIA grupo

Una experiencia muy divertida, el monitor se preocupo de estar atento en todo momento, y lanzo muy buenos mensajes al grupo.

Maria Cristina Vega CrecianoSecuritas Direct

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